BLC3 - Technology and Innovation Campus

Description of main R&I activities

  • BLC3 Evolution was the first entity present at the Biobased Industries Consortium, a very important European programme focused in biobased business.
  • There are currently 6 PhD graduations underway, 4 of them in the biorefinery context.
  • Has already developed a research cycle from TRL2 until TRL5 considering bio-oil production (an intermediate product of thermochemical biorefineries).
  • Development of internal project skills, and biorefinery construction and modelling.

Key contributions for the CoLAB

BLC3 Evolution will focus and contribute to:

  1. Knowledge development in the biorefinery context for Bio jet fuel, FT Diesel and bioplastics.
  2. Development of new enzymes and biochemistry processes for chemical blocks.

International Networks / Associations

BIC – Bio-based Industries Consortium.