RAIZ - Forest and Paper Research Institute

Description of main R&I activities

RAIZ gained important knowledge on the state of the art in advanced technological solutions for biomass valorization and became aware of the main problems and challenges. These activities were focused on biomass availability in Portuguese forest, deconstruction processes (revisited and new approaches), aptitude for hydrolysis and conversion, high added value products from sugars, lignin and extracts, integration of processes and technical and economical evaluation of the considered value chains.

Key contributions for the CoLAB

RAIZ intends to be a key player in the national bio-based industrial sector contributing to increase the competitiveness of Portugal and to meet energy and climate targets for 2030. These main targets are supported by the current and emerging activity of bio-based industries. However, to achieve a long term sustainability of biorefining processes in pulp mills or lignocellulosic processing units (bio-based industries) the integration of platform materials/chemicals, energy and high added value production in circular value chains are required. To meet this, RAIZ is aware of the importance of concentrating technical competences and make available data on renewable resources and established industrial processes in a collaborative platform such as this CoLAB.

International Networks / Associations

RAIZ aims to be an active partner, contributing to research and demonstration of advanced bio-based products and biofuels based on national resources to finally establishing Portugal as a key player in the Bioeconomy.