SYSADVANCE – Sistemas de Engenharia S.A.

Description of main R&I activities

  • Development of a 6 ktons/year two-stage VPSA plant for biogas upgrading in California, U.S. (first injecting biomethane in the natural gas grid);
  • Development of the first biogas plant from urban waste in Portugal (Mirandela). Application for bio-GNV;
  • Study and development of VSA units for carbon dioxide recovery and purification from biogas upgrading exhaust gas or flue gas from power plant;
  • Development of a unique solution for landfill gas upgrading, capable of removing N2 with feed concentrations up to 12%, besides other contaminants (patent pending);
  • Development of methanation processes from exhaust CO2 and Hydrogen produced from renewable energy;
  • Development of hydrogen purification processes from SYNGAS (at research stage);  
  • Hosted a PhD thesis work, in a collaboration with FEUP and NASA, concerning high-purity oxygen; production by VPSA, using a special enhanced zeolite, for International Space Station.

Key contributions for the CoLAB

Biomethane upgrading and purification. Methanation. Hydrogen production from SYNGAS. On-site oxygen production for oxidation processes. Recovery of added-value gas compounds from by-product streams in biorefineries. Adsorptive technologies for gas separation and purification. Biogas pre-treatment and contaminants (SO2, H2S, NOx, VOCs) removal. Pilot scale and prototype development and assembly.

International Networks / Associations