Tratolixo – Tratamento de Resíduos Sólidos, EIM, S.A.

Description of main R&I activities

With almost 30 years of experience, the company has learned to value more and better the waste received from their municipalities, offering dedicated and specialized infrastructures to the treatment of MSW. The company has several infrastructures for waste management, including an Mechanical Treatment Unit, a Landfill and an Anaerobic Digestion Plant (ADP), with a biological treatment capacity of 75 000 tpy of organic waste, which is, to date, the largest unit of its kind in Portugal.

Key contributions for the CoLAB

  • Know-how in Anaerobic Digestion from MSW – TRATOLIXO made several adjustments and optimisations to adapt the ADP to the type of waste, so it could reach the highest electrical power production;
  • Biomass Feedstock Availability – Tratolixo receives more than 400 000 tpy of MSW.

International Networks / Associations

Silver Member of ISWA – the International Solid Waste Association; Member of the World Biogas Association, dedicated to supporting the growth of biogas and anaerobic digestion technologies to maximise their contribution to the UNFCCC Commitments and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.