Francisco Gírio makes a critical analysis of all the renewable gas projects that have so far applied for public support

The Prime Minister stated in February that we are on the way to a "structural change in the economy" capable of making Portugal an energy-exporting country.

The Minister of the Environment and Climate Action reinforced: "local production of renewable gases is not an isolated solution. The country is developing a combined action of measures that allow a systemic approach. Today the country also has a network and a developed area that will allow exports and also - let's add - a gas pipeline network".

Francisco Gírio, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BIOREF - Collaborative Laboratory (CoLAB) and coordinator of LNEG - Energy Laboratory will open the Renewable Gases Conference with a careful analysis of all the projects that have so far applied for public support (POSEUR and PRR) for the production of hydrogen, biomethane and other renewable gases.

In his speech, Francisco Gírio will address key points:

- The path of each of the projects: proponents and status

- Characteristics of the projects

- Purpose of the projects

- Global critical analysis of the projects

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