Mobilizing Project Move2LowC Website Launch

The Move2LowC – Biologically Based Fuels, collaborative innovation project is a groundbreaking venture that counts with the cooperation of multiple players in the energy industry and aims to develop methods to produce biofuel to be used in the aeronautical transportation industry as well as heavy road transportation of both passengers and goods. 

Move2LowC is being spearheaded by A4F - Algae for Future with EU funding of over 12 million euros and the first prototypes are expected to be unveiled by the end of the project in June 2023. The Move2LowC project has the support of COMPETE 2020 under the Incentive Systems for Technological Research and Development and mobilizes Universities, R&D Institutes, SMEs and Large Companies, to cooperate for increasing the use of aquatic biomass (microalgae), residual forest biomass and industrial effluents for the production of biofuels, implementing circular economy concepts.

Move2LowC also counts with CoLAB BIOREF as the lead of the communication and promotion efforts of the project!

Welcome to the Future of Mobility!

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