New Projects Approved Within RRP Mobilizing Agendas

Two new projects were recently approved within RRP - H2Driven e Moving2Neutrality - with CoLAB BIOREF integrating both consortia

H2Driven (led by EFACEC) and Moving2Neutrality (led by GALP) are two of the projects selected in the second phase of the evaluation of Mobilizing Agendas for Corporate Innovation. Both projects, to which CoLAB BIOREF is an integral part of the consortia, were granted a favorable review from the evaluation commission of Mobilizing and Green Agendas to develop novel technological solutions in their respective areas of interest and will allow BIOREF to strengthen its operational capacity in the thematic domain of bioenergy and renewable gases.

Mobilizing agendas are the chapter of the Resilience and Recovery Plan (RRP) dedicated to corporations. This agenda aims to consolidate and expand synergies between businesses and the Portuguese scientific and technological system, contributing to improving the economy's competitiveness and resilience through the diversification and specialization of the productive structure.

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