Visit of the Secretary of State for Economy to Colab Bioref's Facilities in Portalegre

The Secretary of State for the Economy, João Correia Neves, visited on June 29th the Alentejo branch of CoLAB BIOREF as part of the "Meetings for Competitiveness and Innovation", an initiative of the Ministry of Economy and Sea promoted in collaboration with IAPMEI. 

The visit showed the research work and technological innovation developed by CoLAB BIOREF in the area of biorefineries and was also attended by the Administration Council President of the CoLAB BIOREF, Francisco Gírio, the President of the National Agency for Innovation - ANI, Joana Mendonça, the President of COMPETE, Nuno Mangas, and the President of IAPMEI, Francisco Sá. 

The research infrastructures, located in the business incubator of the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre, have assumed a strategic importance in the development of applied research activities in the Alentejo, in close articulation with the business fabric of the region. The meeting also served to highlight the strategic role of Collaborative Laboratories and Polytechnic Higher Education institutions in the social and economic development of low density territories, opening doors to new partnerships with a view to strengthening the funding of research and innovation activities and creating new skilled jobs.