Research & Innovation Agenda

The CoLAB BIOREF strategic plan is designed considering the unique momentum in Portugal and the EU supporting R&I investment on greener energy and products in the private sector. Various public policies have been announced, such as the EU Green Deal, the National Plan for Promotion of Biorefineries, and the National Hydrogen Strategy from which CoLAB BIOREF can benefit. The diversity of our private associates with strong innovative business models already implemented will help us to focus on technology consultancy and developing technology for different end-uses, generating value, and boosting the development of biorefineries and bioeconomy. The required basic knowledge shall be developed at our academic associates through either partnerships or under the form of outsourcing R&D activities.

  • Development of technologies and services to generate business opportunities for liquid biofuels in the transport sector or liquid energy carriers for the electricity and heating & cooling sectors.
  • Create innovative process chains, from the beginning, with the best consultation process, to the end, with the development and implementation of the most advanced technologies.
  • Development of ground-breaking solutions promoting deep decarbonization of the energy and transport sectors while maintaining their competitivity.
  • Promotion of more efficient and socially-accepted technologies for renewable gas production.
  • Development of (bio)chemical-based technologies to produce bio-based platform chemicals and high added value multiproducts.