The Collaborative Laboratory (CoLAB) in Biorefineries - BIOREF - intends to be one of the driving forces to change the paradigm of economic development through a national strategy for the use of biomass as a renewable resource.

To this end, BIOREF aims:

  1. To promote the bioeconomy and bioenergy, creating highly qualified national human resources, using biomass as a national and abundant resource.
  2. To use previous well established national and international associations and networks (EERA, BBI JU, ESEIA, ETIP Bioenergy, ART Fuels Forum, IEA, CYTED, EABA, AEBIOM, ePure) and links with financial institutions (FCT, H2020, P2020, ANI, FAI) to promote internationalization and facilitate the transfer of high quality knowledge and innovation to the national industrial sector, in order to promote the R&I agenda of CoLAB for the development of biorefineries in Portugal.
  3. To promote a "market-oriented" Research and Innovation Agenda, with the use of advanced technologies characterized by a lower carbon footprint through the use of different types of biomass, especially waste as raw material for new processes and products.
  4. To focus on applied research and development actions, leading to the implementation of biorefineries oriented to products based on energy and/or bioproducts and biomaterials.
  5. To focus on the use of performance indicators (KPIs) based on the three pillars of sustainability (economic, social and environmental) to monitor compliance with the strategic vision of BIOREF.